Heller's Chunky Cheese Sausage

August 14, 2011 Kate 0 Comments

It was our lunch yesterday and our  lunch today. This is one of my favorite sausages here in New Zealand. I could not think of other sausages that could compete with this cheesy sausage. I cook in a frying pan most of the time but it's better to cook it on the grill.

How I remember  my Papa and Mommy whenever we eat this sausage. During the summer of 2009, we used to grill this sausage in the backyard together with some barbequed pork belly. Truly delicious! Truly memorable experience with my parents.

My family loves this this especially with fresh bread, mayo, tomato sauce and grilled, caramelized onions. Ooooh! I'm salivating right now! I remember I could eat more than 4 sausages in one sitting. Tsk, tsk, tsk... I know it's bad... but I don't do that no more. I'm happy with one.... or perhaps... two? ahahahaha! :-)