Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

1:02 PM

This is one of my favorite chocolate among others. I love the smoothness of the peanut butter filling and the not so sweet chocolate cups which brings a bit of a crunch. I started loving this chocolate when I was in Elementary. My Auntie from Canada used to send us a package full of food and stuff which includes this yummy-tempting peanut butter cups.

I buy this chocolate whenever I see it over the counter in The Warehouse or in a candy stand in Sylvia Park and I just wanna say that whenever I see it, I couldn't control myself but to buy it whatever the situation is. This is indeed a cheat food for me. Every bite is equivalent to plus 5 happiness!!!

I shall make my homemade peanut butter cups next time. I just need to buy and prepare all the ingredients then find the perfect time to do it. Post the recipe and picture soon!

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