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Estrel's Caramel Cake

November 10, 2011 Kate 0 Comments


Do you know how much I regret not visiting Estrel's Caramel Cakes in their cake shop when we visited Philippines. I have tried adapting their caramel cake even if I haven't tasted it. I know by the looks of it that it really tastes yummy and something that should be served in a very special occasion. I heard that you need to order it prior to the special day. You cannot just drop by and buy caramel cake from there. It is a unique way of buying cakes because we usually just pop in the bakeshop and buy what we want from there.

I should have ordered a caramel cake either the round cake or the rectangle cake. Just look at the caramel icing on top of that cake, it really is tempting and the flower icing is gorgeous. 

I would love to make this one in the future again. Perhaps when I have tasted it already. Now, it makes me want to go back home huhuhu!