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Fruit Tart

December 02, 2011 Kate 0 Comments

We went to Mangere Town Centre the other day and got this fruit tart from one of our favorite bakeries. It costs $2.50, not bad for a very yummy tart. I love the creaminess and the sweetness of the custard. The serving of the custard was excellent although the gelatin is quite few. The dough is soft and it breaks apart when you eat it which is not good. I love my crust that comes together, and chewy and crusty when you eat it. It's quite good though but I still love Aristocrat's fruit tart. That's where I used to buy when I was little. It's the best fruit tart I have ever tasted so far. Awww, now it makes me want to go home and dine in there. I miss home! :-(