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T Bone, Mashed Potato, and Mixed Vegetables

December 21, 2011 Kate 4 Comments

Summer is a season when you just love to grill and grill everything you can find in your fridge. My Hubby is one of a hell obsessed in grilling hahaha! He started his obsession when we had our new gas barbeque grill last month. Though the product doesn't taste like charcoalish which I truly love, its convenience makes it fun and easy for Hubby to cook our dinner. My secret is when I don't want to cook meals for dinner, I asked him to grill LOL! And tada in a few minutes, dinner is served! :)

Barbequed T-Bone, mashed potato with my homemade gravy, and mixed vegetables on my plate. That's what you call a lovely dinner meal.


  1. looks real good! hubby and son would go gaga over that any time of the day! ;)

    thanks so much for sharing your hearty dinner plate over at Food Friday, Ms. Kate
    happy holidays!

  2. i love T-bone steak and lots of mash potato and gravy =))

    heres my share for the weekend

    sorry for the late visit, i need to be onto something since saturday (dec 17)
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  3. hmmnn, yum-yum! i'm still debating with myself if we'd do some barbeque on Christmas eve or not.:p

  4. i guess, we do have two things in common: 1) i hate barbecuing. 2) hubs loved it, so he's always in charge at that task:)