Cookie Caramel Slice

By Kate - April 12, 2014

I always buy coffee in a cafe just across school, but I really haven't tried much of their baked goodies. This cookie caramel slice caught my eye and I thought if I buy it today and have a taste, it would give me an idea how it tastes like and in the near future, I could make my own at home. 

Yes, the name says it all, Cookie Caramel Slice; it's a cookie and there's a caramel in it, and obviously it's a slice haha! So yup, there's no confusion in there, whatsoever. It's yummy, although it's getting a little bit too sweet if you eat half of it already. 

A little bit size would be perfect instead of having a big slice of it. But believe me, this cookie caramel slice is a winner.

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